Mick Heron
Mick Heron
12:59 Straight arm plank


Crossfit Level 1


Mick Heron

Before my fitness journey began, I was wondering about the world of health and longevity. Studying herbalism, nutrition, and food preparation led me to science. I was studying biochemistry at a university when I dropped into a CrossFit gym. The experience was beyond exceptional. Over the following two years, I transitioned from testing out Crossfit to coaching Crossfit and developing myself as an athlete, coach, and man.

My imagination gained insight into the realm of possibilities of a career in CrossFit when I moved to Los Angeles. It was in LA where I witnessed world-class coaching and professionalism I didn’t know existed in gym life. I realized the potential for growth, learning, and self-mastery. I choose fitness as my avenue to my greatest feat of self-expression. My route to my greatest potential. And I’ve been growing, fumbling, and failing my way to wisdom and perfection since that day I walked into the yard of that little gym on a busy street in California.

Self-actualization and being able to apply myself to the betterment of others.

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