Andris Sturans

CrossFit Coach / Personal Trainer

297th in the 2020 CrossFit Open

USA Weightlifting U25 National Qualifier


Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science

Crossfit Level-1 Certification

About Coach

Since childhood, I've always had a desire to pursue my fullest physical potential as well as mental acuity and fortitude in certain realms of my life. I didn't understand the extent of this desire, nor the reason behind it for many years. It took me a long time before I discovered who I was and what I felt my purpose was. I played soccer for most of my childhood, competed in track and field for 7 years, and eventually found CrossFit after a long line of injuries ended my collegiate track and field career before the start of my senior year at the University of New Mexico. CrossFit allows me to pursue my newfound purpose, which I will discuss later, and do it inside a community that encourages growth and fortitude unlike any other I've ever been a part of.

Turning Point

After high school, I decided to move across the country for college for a chance to start fresh and find myself without the pressure of expectations from all my peers at home in northern Virginia in regards to who I was. It proved to be just what I needed. Like I mentioned before, I always had a desire to maximize my physical and mental capability in certain areas of my life. Unfortunately, I didn't know why and ended up in an unhealthy mental state where I based my own self worth on how I performed in my chosen realm of athleticism. I started to lose passion for track and field like I had with soccer years before and I told myself it was mental weakness. It took a lot of self reflection and the shedding of many tears before I translated all my feelings into a language that I could understand. That was when I found CrossFit and I've never felt more at home. Now, I am pursuing a career as a professional CrossFit athlete and coach at CrossFit Infinite Strength and although I'm still hard on myself when it comes to results in the gym, I am doing as well as I ever have in not tying my entire sense of self worth on where I am on the leaderboard. I recognize that there will always be more work to do, but I know that now and am both willing and impassioned to pursue my own excellence as well as help others achieve their own.

Motivation & Passion

I believe that I am here to help and protect those in need in as many ways as possible. This extends to helping others develop themselves to accomplish that same task. I am a warrior, meant to build myself up so that I can be turned to for any form of aid required by anyone deserving of that help. And through coaching, I hope to build other people up into the best version of themselves so that they too may fill that same role for themselves and their loved ones. I am here to make people as physically and mentally capable as possible so they are able to act whenever their time comes to do so.

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