Andris Sturans

CrossFit Coach


CrossFit Level 1 Certification
BS, Exercise Science - University of New Mexico

About Coach

I was born in Burlington, Vermont and grew up in Northern Virginia where I played soccer, rock climbed, and was a generally active child until I found Track & Field in high school and fell in love with the purity in its athletic expression. I went on to be a collegiate decathlete where I spent more of my time injured than healthy and learned a lot about the physical limitations of the body and the importance of rest and recovery if one truly wants to see what they are capable of. I also spent so much time focusing on performance that I forgot to expend any energy building a life. During my recovery from my various injuries in college, I found CrossFit and realized it was the training methodology that I had been looking for all along. Now, I am a coach and aspiring athlete in the sport of fitness hoping to one day earn the recognition of being one of the fittest athletes on the planet, and hopefully, go on to use that notoriety to inspire others and reach those in need who may benefit from hearing my story and relating to my experiences.

Turning Point

When I left for college, I left Northern Virginia and moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico. It was just about the most drastic change I could've made, but I also realized I had so many expectations that were so deeply rooted in NoVa and the people there that if I wanted to develop my own sense of self and grow into my potential, I had to get out of there. That was the beginning of my journey, I think, and from there, many turning points have come and gone, but that decision to risk isolation and discomfort for the sake of finding out who I was and what I wanted to stand for was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Motivation & Passion

I am passionate about guiding those who come into the gym towards their most capable, independent selves. I have always had a fierce desire to protect people and it took me a while before realizing that the best way to protect someone is to help them learn how to protect themselves and I think that journey begins in the walls of a gym.

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