Diego Contreras


Clean and Jerk: 360, Snatch: 290, 2k Row: 6:22, 50 Cal Bike Sprint: 32s


CrossFit Level 1 Certification, ACE Personal Trainers Cert

About Coach

Before I started CrossFit I actually was not a fan of it, I started off doing powerlifting and bodybuilding until a good friend of mine brought up Olympic Lifting. Took that up which eventually lead me to collaborating with one of my closest friends to opening up a CrossFit gym in Yuma, AZ. In doing so I kind of was seeded into the sport of fitness and the challenge it brought daily brought out the competitor in me which lead to me getting involved with 1:1 coaching from Opex Fitness to pursue elite level fitness to compete which lead me to working with Brute Strength for a while towards the end of what competitive life I had. During that time I was able to qualify to compete on an elite level at Lowlands CrossFit championship (team), Madrid Crossfit Championship (team), CanWest Games (Individual), CanEast Games (Individual), Wodapalooza (RX individual).

Turning Point

When separating myself from the sport of fitness, as it was losing the fun I had when I first started, I came to a realization how much I was setting aside to pursue this goal -relationships, friends, family, events I wouldn't get to experience again- all because I was so focused and was living life with blockers on where if it was not helping me I put absolute zero attention to it. That was not a good way to live and enjoy life, emotionless and robotic. <br /> <br /> I eventually separated from 1:1 coaching, competing, that whole lifestyle to pursue elite fitness in the Spring of 2020 and had a self-reflective period where I sat down with myself to really see why I did what I did, why it wasn't the best way to pursue a goal, how I could have handled things better, how to avoid that happening again, and did my best to reach out to those I felt I didn't give attention to, felt I wronged, or made feel like they were second to this goal I was pursuing of making it to the peak of CrossFit competitions, the Games. It allowed myself to relax and to enjoy life, be present, and have fun again. With any goal it can become obsessive but there are levels to the obsession and I took it to the extreme when I underwent my time as an athlete - now I just have fun and workout to keep up with friends near and far that enjoy what CrossFit provides for many.

Motivation & Passion

I enjoy getting to help others, especially in the health and wellness space. Being a part of someone's intention to feel better, move better to enhance their lives outside the gym, because it's only an hour of their day but I feel it sets a discipline that can affect how you pursue personal endeavors, is enjoyable to me. A thing I hope to do in life is leave an imprint on someone, anyone, that motivates them to do more with what they are capable of doing because life is too short to just be okay with being okay and I don't think anything is out of reach it's just a matter of how much you're willing to put in so long you don't lose yourself, like I did at one point, in the process. I am motivated by those around me pushing themselves to become the best versions of themselves which this community does day after day supporting one another and those that come before and after them, I can't help but say how much I love that support and drive everyone carries for not only themselves but those around them and only hope I can be part of that for those I help coach or am working around.

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