Jess Cortez


Pre-baby, I used to be decently strong- squat 340, clean 250, clean and jerk 230, snatch 180. Working on getting those numbers back up! My favorite workout is DT. My ideal workout would be a heavy power clean, row, handstand push-ups, and bar facing burpees, but no more than 5 at one time :)


Crossfit Level 1 Certificate, USAW Level 1 Coach

About Coach

Growing up, I played all sports and loved being active. In High School, I was a 3 sport athlete, participating in Cross Country, Basketball, and Track and Field. I continued my track career at Western Illinois University, where I also fell in love with the barbell. After college, I was a bit lost! I tried triathlons, running, and just lifting at the Global Gym. Two years later, in comes CROSSFIT. <br /> I had found exactly what I was looking for….the workouts, the mindset, and the community. A year into CrossFit, I received my Level 1 training certificate and have been coaching since 2016. I feel so lucky I get to help people on their journey everyday. We get to do these hard things together, and I couldn’t be more proud of the people I have coached throughout the years. <br /> I also coach track and field at O’Connor High School.

Turning Point

I had a baby in December 2021. Before I became pregnant, I was super focused on training and fueling my body for performance. While pregnant, priorities definitely had to shift! I could not be happier as a mom, but my life is very different now! I am no longer in the gym training for 4 hours a day or focused on just myself. I have had to change my mindset and also cut myself some slack. Some days are better than others, but if I show up and do the work, I will celebrate it.

Motivation & Passion

I truly have a passion for teaching. I want to help people realize their full potential and help them become the best versions of themselves. I also want to be a role model. Now that I have a daughter, I’ve got to show her that being strong is cool!

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