Logan Brubaker



Crossfit Level 1 Certification, Crossfit Level 2 Certification, Started "Heavyweights" Barbell Club

About Coach

I played organized sports in school. I'm a competitive person. It's a part of my personality. Naturally I was drawn to Crossfit.

Turning Point

I battled with confidence and self-doubt a lot growing up. My dad passed away when I was in grade school. With no male role model it was hard to find my place. After becoming a father of my own, I am just now learning what it means to make your choices and own them. Whether that be internal conversation or actions that you decide to make that affect other people.

Motivation & Passion

I love to coach the people that think they can't. The hard workers that say, "but I scaled today." I love it because I usually respond with, "Did you work your hardest and get a great workout?" The people who come in and give me their hour and do the most with it, even if it seems like they didn't work hard enough or lift heavy enough. Those are the people I love to inspire.

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