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September 25, 2020

Competition 101

Written by: Coach James“Show me you can be consistent, THEN we’ll talk about being heroic.” – Kelly StarrettFor every major league sport out there, there are 1,000’s of pee-wee leagues filled with hopeful young athletes, all dreaming about the day they’ll stick the perfect routine, make the game-winning play, or be trusted to hit that buzzer-beating shot in the championship contest. They envision standing on top of the podium, hoisting that trophy, feeling that accomplishment, as well as attracting all of the accolades that come with achieving what many deem impossible. As referenced in last month’s article, and as anyone who has experienced this phenomenon will likely tell you, this 15min of fame is simply the product of years of consistent, hard work. The medals, the championships, the praises are the outcome, but the magic is in the process. CrossFit is a bit unique, in that the same process used to propel someone to the podium at the CrossFit Games is also used to keep our grandparents out of the nursing home, help our co-worker gain the confidence to ask for that promotion, or to assist our neighbor in losing 50lbs. As Greg Glassman famously said, “The needs of Olympic athletes and our grandparents vary by degree, not kind”. Many on the outside see only the results, but what they fail to see is the daily grind that accompany them. We commonly refer to our clients as “athletes” and our trainers as “coaches”, and while this has brought about some controversy in the past, I for one believe these terms are perfectly intentional and accurate in defining the respective roles held within the four walls of the CrossFit box.By referring to clients as athletes, we empower them to take control of their future within our “sport”. Athletes create a lifestyle that supports their training. They understand the importance of nutrition and eat as well as they can to facilitate their progress. They prioritize quality sleep and recovery over late-night TV shows and weekends at the bar. They show up with the attitude that while they may not feel 100%, they’re here to give their best effort for the day, and that in itself is enough. More important than anything else, however, they understand that the path to greatness is a low trajectory toward a distant horizon, and that it’s not any single effort, but a culmination of behaviors that will eventually lead them to the goal they seek. Sometimes, life can get in the way of these goals, but athletes live in the solution and find ways to manage these stressors the best they can with the resources they have. The role of a coach is to bring the best out in the people they lead. It’s to educate, encourage, and uncover the innate greatness within their athletes, understanding where they are, where they want to be, and showing them the path. This is done not only in the class setting, but also through their actions and their work ethic, both in and out of the gym. Together, coaches and athletes develop strategies for success, commit to the process, and manage obstacles as they come up. They understand that like any relationship, both parties have responsibilities to each other and that the real goal is progress, not perfection. As coaches here at CrossFit Infinite Strength, we’re here to assist you in whatever your goals may be, and if you’re looking for additional help in any of the areas within the CrossFit Pyramid, please don’t hesitate to ask us!

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