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September 25, 2020

Slow Cooker Irish Stew

In honor of St. Patty’s Day this month, we’ve decided to get festive with a little Irish Stew! Like many of these dishes, ingredients are meant to be a guideline, and can be modified based on personal preferences. Don’t like lamb? Use beef or chicken! Don’t care for barley? Use quinoa or cous cous. Choose to add mushrooms, garlic, green onions, or any other vegetables. Feel free to experiment in the kitchen and make feeding yourself and your family an enjoyable experience!Ingredients:

  1. 3lbs Lamb Roast, cut into cubes for stew
  2. 6 Russet Potatoes
  3. 1 ½ cups Barley
  4. 6 cups Beef Broth or bouillon cubes
  5. 1 ½ cups Carrots, chopped
  6. 1 White Onion, chopped
  7. 1 cup Celery, chopped
  8. Spices, such as thyme, bay leaf, parsley, salt, & pepper


  1. Prepare all vegetables by cutting them into small, bite-size pieces. Potatoes can either be cut into chunks now, or cooked whole and broken apart afterward.
  2. Lay the meat down first inside the crock-pot, add barley, vegetables, broth, and spices. Stir until contents are evenly mixed.
  3. Cook on “low” setting for 6-8hrs, stirring occasionally.
  4. If you haven’t done so already, use a ladle to break up potatoes.
  5. Serve and enjoy!

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