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September 25, 2020

Susannah DiManno

The Member Spotlight showcases those who demonstrate the characteristics necessary for success, both in and out of the gym. Susannah joined us from another gym in the valley and has been an awesome addition to the evening classes. She has a ton of positive energy and is always willing to put in extra work to better herself and others around her. We asked her some questions about her experience thus far:

  1. What led you to CrossFit? Describe your experience.

I started CrossFit to get back into shape about 5 years ago. I really had no idea what I was getting myself into. My 3rd class trial was 3 rounds of different movements and I was the last one working with one round to go. The class worked alongside me as I completed the workout, they ran with me, did wall balls with me, and cheered me on as I finished the workout. I loved it. I enjoy the support and motivation from the other members and coaches. I keep coming for the community. I found CrossFit Infinite Strength when I followed Coach Alexa and realized it was right across the street from where I worked!

  1. What have been the most significant changes you've noticed? These could be lifestyle, body composition, or performance.

I have become stronger and more tolerant of uncomfortable workouts. I’ve learned to love to hate the movements and machines I hate the most, hoping that I will not hate them anymore. What motivates me to come to CrossFit is how good I feel after. Even if I am exhausted, I still always leave feeling better emotionally and physically than when I came in.

  1. What's your favorite (or least favorite) exercise? If you could program a workout, what would it be?

My favorite movement is Power Cleans and I love to row. I also like Dumbbell Snatches and Deadlifts. My least favorite movement is Wall Balls because they slow me down. I enjoy workouts that involve both lifting and cardio. My perfect workout would look something like this:


Row Calories

Power Cleans (115/85)


  1. Tell us something we don't know about you! Something not fitness related.

I don’t know what to say! I’m pretty boring (lol). How about this? I was born in England moved to the US when I was 3 years old.

  1. What's next? Have you set any goals for the future?

I have been trying to work on double unders and pull ups. I tried to do my burpee challenge for the month of December which didn’t work out, however I am promising myself that I will do it again real soon. Core strength is something I need to work on always, so I see some plank work and maybe some overhead squats in my near future.

I wanted to thank everyone members and coaches at CFIS for being so welcoming when I moved to this gym about 6 months ago. I am so happy here and appreciate all of you!!!

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