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September 25, 2020

Moira Gould

The Member Spotlight goes to someone who demonstrates the characteristics necessary for success, both in and out of the gym. Moira is one of our newer members but has shown a great deal of commitment to the process and has made a lot of progress since she joined! We asked her some questions about her fitness journey and her experiences here at the gym so far: 1. What led you to CrossFit? Describe your experience. A couple things led me to CrossFit. My brother and sister-in-law, who live in Denver, joined their CrossFit gym about 3 years ago and absolutely love it. Not only do they enjoy the workout, but more important to them is the sense of community that CrossFit offers as they met their closest friends there. Since I was getting bored doing same workout routine for the past 10 years to simply maintain my weight, they suggested I try it. I was reluctant because of the intensity and I didn’t think I was coordinated enough to do the workouts.In June of this year, I saw on a social media group page that CrossFit Infinite Strength was hosting an open house for a Gay Pride event. Coincidently, the gym was 5 minutes from my house, so I figured I would try it out. I immediately felt welcomed by the coaches and the other members. After 3 sessions I was hooked, and I joined as an unlimited member. 2. What has been the most noticeable change you've noticed? This could be lifestyle, body composition, or performance related. The most noticeable change I’ve seen has been in my body composition and lifestyle. I’ve noticed definition in my arms and back that I’ve never had before. My lifestyle has also significantly changed for the better. While I’ve always eaten healthy, but since joining CrossFit Infinite Strength, I’ve adopted the Zone Diet (recommended by a coach) which I’ve noticed has significantly improved my performance in the gym. I’ve also curbed my alcohol consumption since joining so I feel great overall most of the time. More importantly, CrossFit has improved my confidence. The coaches push me to do more than I ever thought I could. I love the feeling of accomplishment after setting a new PR, successfully performing a new technique or finishing under the time cap. I have more confidence both in and outside the gym. In all, CrossFit has had a ripple effect. Once I started seeing body composition results, I wanted to continue to improve so my lifestyle habits changed for the better which in turn made me perform better giving me more confidence. Oh, and I’ve met some pretty cool people along the way...3. What's your favorite (or least favorite) exercise? If you could program a workout, what would it be?My favorite exercise would be the clean and jerk and my least favorite would be the overhead squat, simply because I struggle with it. It’s one of the exercises I need to continue to work on. If I could program a workout, it would involve 10 minutes of practicing clean and jerks, then a 20-minute Metcon involving a combination of squats (or wall balls), running, burpees and reverse lunges with weights. I really enjoy the fast-paced, time-capped Metcons.4. Tell us something we don't know about you! Something not fitness related.I am passionate about music and especially enjoy going to live local music venues and music festivals. I recently discovered War on Drugs and Mo Lowda and the Humble from my hometown of Philadelphia, which have become two of my favorite bands. I also enjoy seeing movies, and in the fall my weekends are consumed with watching Penn State and Notre Dame football, and the Eagles on Sundays.5. What's next? Have you set any goals for the future? My goal is to ultimately get to the next level where I can “RX” a workout. Right now, I am happy with the progress I’ve made since I started 6 months ago. I know I will continue to learn and improve. The coaches and other members continue to push me to do better which definitely helps. Seeing other members improve and RX workouts motivates me and gives me the confidence to reach my goals. For the short term, it would be nice to conquer my fear of box jumps...

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